Florida: Week 2 Part 1

I’ve got to say that I’ve been rather disappointed so far with this year’s crop of photos from Florida. I just haven’t seen the variety of wildlife that I saw this time last year. That’s probably due to two factors: First is the weather. It’s been unusually colder this year verses last year which was above normal. Second, the water levels are way down this year in the swamps and ponds that provide food for a variety of wildlife. There may be other factors but those two really stand out to me. That’s why you won’t see as much variety of wildlife in my photos as I would have hoped to have. So don’t be surprised to see more than one photo on the same type of bird. I should also mention that this time last year it wasn’t unusual to see bucks daily. I have not seen one full grown buck yet. Lots of young bucks and lots of does but no full grown ones. That’s probably because the rutting season hasn’t started yet. Have a look and tell me what you think.