Florida: Week 4

Most of the images you will see here, were taken at Wakulla Springs State Park. The rest, of course, come from St. Andrew’s State Park, where I get most of my photos, a few from St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, Eden Gardens State Park and Camp Helen State Park. It’s at Wakulla Springs that I saw my very first manatee a year ago, when I last visited, and this time around I was fortunate to see a dozen or more. You won’t see any photos of the manatees, unfortunately. Well…that’s not exactly true. I did throw one in where I took of photo of one coming up for air. All you can see is its nose breaking the surface. I don’t have an underwater camera and photos taken from above looking down into the water just doesn’t do it. Wakulla is an amazing place. In order to see all the wildlife you really need to take the one hour boat tour around the springs. On the same trip to Wakulla I also visited St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge. This part of my trip proved a little disappointing as I really didn’t see as much wildlife as I hoped for. The photos of the eagles were taken there and I wouldn’t consider them great photos because the eagles were just too far away. Have a look and tell me what you think.