Florida: Week 8

Things are finally beginning to get better around here. By that, I mean I’m beginning to see some more activity. Nesting season is in full force for the Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons. It’s always interesting trying to photograph each of those birds making trips back and forth from their nest to other parts looking for building materials for their nest. I find the Herons the most interesting because they seem to have a ritual. The female stays with the nest while the male goes out in search for twigs. Now when he returns the female goes into this welcome back ritual stretching herself out, making sounds of joy and at the same time hers feathers open up and stretch out especially around her head. The male does somewhat the same thing while she takes the twig from him and promptly places it methodically on the nest.

The egrets have their own ritual but not as elegant. They are prettier to photograph though. Unfortunately, the egret’s nests are harder to see so photographing them is much harder. One thing I really love about them is their mating call ritual where they stretch out their neck and body vertically and then swooning while at the same time fluffing up their feathers. You’ll see what I’m talking about in some of the photos so go ahead and have a look.