ICELAND 2018 Part 1

I was fortunate to be able to revisit Iceland last October. I was there from Oct. 17  thru to Nov. 1st.  When I was there last year I was  captivated by this country and promised myself I would return. And return I did. I was really hoping to see many locations I wasn’t able to get to last time around. I mapped out 75 locations I wanted to get to plus revisit a few from my last visit. I knew I would never be able to get to all of them and unfortunately I don’t think I made it to half of them. That was mostly due to weather. For about two thirds of my time there, I had to deal with snow which saw road closures and really slippery and messy roads to travel on. I never had to deal with snow at all last time around and I was there at the same time of year. So on account of the snow, that also meant that I couldn’t visit some of the locations because it would take just too much time to get there considering the driving conditions. One of the areas I wanted to visit that I didn’t last time were the West Fjords. I managed to get there but I really had to scale back on my expectations. There was just too much driving involved so I had to prioritize and that meant cutting out about 90% of the locations I was hoping to see in the area. That was pretty much the same story for most of trip. But you know what? I was still happy with my trip and glad that I was there. Having missed all those other spots only means that I will have to return at some point. So have a look at this first batch and I’d like to know what you think. So leave me a comment if you can.