Iceland Day 5: Egilsstaðir to Myvatn Lake

On this leg of the trip I visited a couple of very spectacular waterfalls in very close proximity to each other. As a matter of fact they were on the same river and only about a kilometer and a half apart. Both within a relatively easy walking distance from the parking lot. I did visit one other waterfall but due to the time of day…running out of daylight and it was about an hours walk all uphill…I only managed to see it from a distance. So no pictures. Perhaps on my next trip. Lake Myvatn area was full of extinct or maybe dormant volcanoes. I’m not really sure. Many of them look like they just erupted recently, as the pictures will show. I did get to climb a couple of them. Well…actually I just had to climb one. A rather step one at that. The other one was basically a crater in the ground but was probably the nicest of all the ones I’ve seen to date. Have a look.