Iceland Day 7: Skagafjörður to Stykkishólmur

Day 7 turned out to be, probably, the longest drive of the entire trip. I had driven on gravel roads before for short distances but not for as long as I did on this day. So I had to drive a bit slower and that’s why the longer drive and fewer location shots. Most of the shots were taken on the Snæfellsjökull Peninsula.  This is about the furthest west you can go in Iceland. Here I got to see more glaciers, strange rock formations along the southern coast, more mountainous terrain, volcanoes, lava fields that looked like they just formed recently and of course, more waterfalls. I got lucky with the weather for the most part and it was sunny and relatively warm for most of the two days I spent here. This is just another area I will have to return to some day. Again, don’t be surprised to see what may appear to be duplicates. I may have shot the same location from different angles or at different zoom levels.