Iceland Day 8: Stykkishólmur to Laugarvatn

I can honestly say that I loved every minute of my trip to Iceland. Having said that, day 8 proved to be the worst day. Well not exactly the worst. The worst day actually came on the my very last day. It was the worst day because I had to go home. But back to day 8. I really relied heavily on my GPS and it never let me down until day 8. Normally I always check the maps before I head off. I’d like to have an idea of the road ahead of me. But not this day. It led me on a wild goose chase over some rough gravel roads and when I finally stopped to check the maps, I realized I had no idea where I was. I knew I was in trouble when I came to a cross road and the GPS told me to turn left and a couple of hundred meters down the road it told me to make a u-turn and go back the other way. So if the GPS is lost I must be lost. I did as I was told and then after another half hour of driving and still not knowing where I was the GPS tells me to stop and check a map. I’ve never heard of a GPS telling anyone to check a map before. Isn’t that why we have a GPS so that we don’t have to check maps? Oh well. I persevered. I cancelled the existing route and then punched in my destination once again and I set off on my journey having to rely on this device once again that has already let me down. To make a long story short, after about another hour of driving, I finally reached my destination. At that point darkness had settled in and it was time for me to settle in for the evening as well. The day wasn’t a total disaster. I did manage to see several interesting locations along with another beautiful set of waterfalls. Unfortunately, on account of my GPS mishap, I did miss a few locations that I intended to visit. I’ll get those next time around.