Iceland Day 9 and 10: Laugarvatn to Reykjavik

I have now come full circle…literally. I’m almost back to where I started 8 days ago. I was saddened that I had arrived at my last full day on the island. I was on a tight schedule today and not much time to do what I really wanted to.  I had to head back to Reykjavik today to drop off my car by 4 PM. So time was of the essence and I had to squeeze in as much as I could. Considering the time I had, I think I did pretty good. Today I visited 2 waterfalls, a geyser and a volcanic crater. I managed to get to most of the places I had planned on and I still managed to get to the car rental office in time. I spent the remainder of the day just strolling around Reykjavik and I pretty much did more of the same the next morning. I had to catch my bus to the airport at noon so that I could get to the airport in time for my 3:20PM flight back to Toronto. It was a very sad day indeed and I leave you with this last small batch of photos.