I know it’s been awhile and if that sounds familiar it’s because it is. It really has been a while. I haven’t posted any photos of anything that I’ve taken around home. Now, it is true that I haven’t shot much but I have taken some photos. Eventually I will get around to posting a few of them but for now I’m posting a few photos that I took on my recent trip out to the Muskokas and Algonquin Park for the fall colours. I think the last time I was through this area was over 30 years ago when I took my daughter Erika camping in the park. I use to come this way for years on my way to Bancroft for their annual Gemboree. You know what? Nothing looked familiar. And that’s OK because it felt like I was visiting a place for the first time. I think I may come here a little early. An online webpage that tracks the progress of leaf colours in Ontario indicated that the colours were at 70%. Well that 70% for the most part turned out to be the canopy cover. The trees were still mostly green underneath. Despite that I still managed to get a few pics. Not exactly what I was looking for but I think that I still managed to get a few decent shots. Have a look and tell me what you think.